Code of Ordinances
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Zoning Ordinance
The City of Novi Zoning Ordinance has been reorganized and reformatted to be more user-friendly and accessible. Hyper-links are provided throughout the document as well as undated graphics to clearly illustrate the text and definitions.

Thoroughfare Master Plan

Master Plan for Land Use Review 2016

Non-Motorized Master Plan

Town Center Area Study - 2014

Site Plan & Development Manual

Sign Ordinance

Garage Sales and Temporary Signage

Soliciting Ordinance (Please note that the Soliciting Ordinance is administered by the Police Department, not Community Development. Please call 248-348-7100 for questions related to this ordinance.)

Outdoor Seating for Businesses

Adopted Master Plan Amendment

The City of Novi and Novi Community Schools are in the process of completing a land exchange at three separate locations throughout the City. For the land exchange to follow through, the current Master Plan was required to be amended to reclassify land from Public Park to Educational Facility and vice versa. There are three locations where the land exchange is taking place – Ella Mae Power Park, Wildlife Woods Park, and Bosco Fields. In total, the land exchange will leave the City with an additional 6.11 acres of park land after all three locations are accounted for. The process to amend the 2016 Master Plan for Land Use has now been completed, and on April 19, 2023, the Planning Commission adopted the Master Plan Amendment to adequately address the land swap between the City of Novi and the Novi Community Schools, including changes to the Future Land Use Map and the Residential Density Map. The adopted Master Plan Amendment is available here to view.  

Performance Guarantees Ordinance Amendment

Novi City Council took yet another step towards enhancing economic development in the area by streamlining the process of accepting public utilities after voting to approve the Performance Guarantees Ordinance Amendment to the Novi Code of Ordinances Chapter 26.5 on April 2, 2007.

The Performance Guarantees Ordinance Amendment shifts the process of acceptance of public utilities for both residential and commercial developments within the City to an administrative process. The administrative procedure will require the approval of the city engineer and the city attorney in order for City acceptance of water main and/or sanitary sewer improvements and the additional right-of-way required for some projects, bypassing the previously mandatory City Council review and approval. The previous code required City Council acceptance of public utilities before a temporary certificate of occupancy could be issued.

This amendment will not change the requirements concerning the acceptance of public streets. City Council acceptance of public streets will continue to be required at substantial completion of a project.

The Amendment As It Appeared As An Agenda Item

Ordinances Under Development

City of Novi staff have been working on drafting an ordinance to establish a new district in the city that is intended to create a higher density, pedestrian-oriented area with a mix of uses including residential, commercial, retail, and office. The City is seeking feedback on the ordinance text and accompanying design guide. Below are documents of the text, design guide, and a map of the area designated for the change in zoning.

City West District Ordinance
City West Design Guide
City West Map