Please provide the following requirements for a Zoning Verification Letter:

  • Written request of information needing verification

  • Address of property

  • Legal description and Tax Parcel Number(s)

  • Person and address to which the letter will be mailed.  If faxed copy is needed, please provide fax number(s)

  • Address letter to:

    Planning Assistant
    City of Novi, Planning Department
    45175 Ten Mile Road
    Novi, M I 48375

         Or email City Planner Barbara McBeth at

  • Copies of Certificates of Occupancy will not be included with the Zoning Verification Letter. In order to obtain copies of Certificates of Occupancy or information on building code violations, please contact the Building Department at 248-347-0415.

  • Please note that requests for lots within single-family residential zoning districts cannot be processed.

  • All requests involve a turn-around time of 5-10 working days for processing.

Should you require further assistance, please contact Barbara McBeth, City Planner at 248-347-0475 or via email at