The City of Novi maintains two cemeteries that each feature graves from the 1830s that are more than 180 years old. View information on more than 1,030 individual graves at each location here.

Novi Cemetery

There are 948 known graves on nearly 2.4 acres of land along Novi Road. Novi Corners Cemetery was donated by Novi settler Daniel Lee. In 1844, remains from graves on the Loren Flint farm, many dating from the early 1800s, were moved to the cemetery. The property was expanded to its current size in 1873 and renamed the Novi Cemetery. Many veterans are buried in the cemetery, including those who served in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War.

Served in Revolutionary War

  • Hooper Bishop (Massachusetts MIL)

Served in War of 1812

  • Caleb Carr III (Colonel, eventually Brigade General)
  • Cornelius McDrumb (Co. New York MIL)
  • Abijah Rogers (New York MIL)
  • Philip Shaw (Hil’s SO. New York MIL)

Served in the Civil War

  • Daniel Dunham Jr. (First Sergeant CO. H 6th Michigan Cavalry)
  • Henry Moore (CO. A 22nd Michigan Infantry; from Farmington)
  • George E. Smith (COM. Sergeant 5th Michigan Cavalry)
  • M.L. Drane Wagoner (CO. A 4th Michigan 411)

There are a total of 37 military veterans buried at Novi Cemetery.  A full list/map can be found here.