Knapp Cemetery

There are 87 known graves on more than 0.5 acres of land along Novi Road. Knapp Cemetery is a small family graveyard from the 19th century. It was established in 1836 when Benajah Aldrich set aside one half acre of his farm for burial purposes. Henry Knapp, Benajah Aldrich’s brother-in-law, was the first to be buried here.

Served in the Civil War

  • James C. Bruce (C.G. 24th Michigan Infantry)
  • Duane Cook (C.G.G 30th Michigan Infantry)
  • William F. Draper (C.O.E, 9th Michigan Infantry)
  • Aaron Parmenter (GC.G, 2nd Michigan Infantry)
  • Benijah A. Parmenter (U.S. Navy)
  • Henry H. Parmenter (C.G.G 30th Michigan Infantry)

There are a total of seven military veterans buried at Knapp Cemetery. A full list/map can be found here.

The City of Novi has annually worked to restore many facets of the cemeteries, primarily cleaning and repairing gravestones. The City was recognized with a Keep Michigan Beautiful award in 2016 for the restoration efforts, which are ongoing.


The City of Novi maintains two cemeteries that each feature graves from the 1830s that are more than 180 years old. View information on more than 1,030 individual graves at each location here.