Beautification Commission Agenda
Monday, July 29, 2019

5:00-6:00 pm
Civic Center

Roll Call: Colleen Crossey, Cindy Haley, Cindy Lang, Jennifer Ryan, Laura Williams, Lindsay Wyskowski, Celia Todd, Isaly Szetela, and Christen Pietraz



Approval of Minutes:

Approval of Agenda:


Chair: Cindy Lang
Secretary: Cindy Haley
Treasurer: Jennifer Ryan
Social Media Chair: Lindsay Wyskowski
Fundraising Chair:
City Liaison: Wendy DuVall
Old Business:

Current Projects:

  1. National Wildlife Federation Certification (Laura & Colleen)
    • Timeline/schedule/list of activities to achieve points – see handout
    • WHO updates
    • Promoting NWF homeowner certificates
      • Web blast
  2. Fuerst Park Monarch Waystation maintenance & Rain Garden at Rotary Park
  3. Gateway Sign Adoption (Isaly & Lindsay)
    • Need defined criteria
  4. Keep Michigan Beautiful Award 2019 (Celia)
    • Applications due in August, Awards at Oct meeting in Lansing
    • NWF project
    • Entryway Grant
  5. Website information
  6. Home/Neighborhood holiday decorating recognition program (Jenn, Cindy H.)
    • Hold until fall
      • Submit pics of gardens on website
  7. 2019 Entryway Grants (Carolyn & Celia)
    • Before/after pics for website

New Business:

  1. Waste Management
    • Signage for the Monarch Garden
    • NWF Certification

Future Projects for Consideration:

  1. School projects; pollinator garden
  2. Novi Garden Walking Tour (Monarch Waystation, Bioswale, etc.)

Open Discussion:

  1. Visit to Meadow Brook Hall Gardens

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