45255 Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI   48375

Third Wednesday of each month
Kim Nice
Kathy Crawford
Vice Chair
Sharon Larson
Dan Pierce
Debbie Wrobel
Committee Member
Kelly Kasper
Committee Member
Randy VanWagnen
Committee Member
Rachel Manela
Library Liaison

The Historical Commission is comprised of seven voting members, of which one member is nominated by the Novi Historical Society.  In addition, there are three non-voting liaison members representing the City of Novi, Novi Public Library and Novi Public School District.  In cooperation with the Historical Society and the Novi Public Library, the Historical Commission is responsible for Old Township Hall (which serves as a museum), and for the collection, preservation and marking of historical sites.

Historical Commission Bylaws

Historical Commission Bylaws - 1983

Current Agendas and Minutes
Feb 21, 2024
Jan 17, 2024