Mayor’s Conference Room
Novi Civic Center
45175 Ten Mile Road

Justin Fischer
Dave Staudt
Council Member
Priya Gurumurthy
Council Member
Scott Olson
Ted Zuchlewski
David Landry
David Molloy
Bob Gatt

The Public Safety Building Needs Committee was established by the Novi City Council on January 23, 2023.
City Council has over the last several years, discussed issues pertaining to the inadequacy and need for modernization of the existing public safety buildings, including the Police Station, and Fire Stations One, Two, and Three.
The Public Safety Building Needs Committee  was created with the intent of serving as a temporary task force to further explore the issues surrounding the adequacy of current facilities and the possibilities for addressing them through renovation or redevelopment. The Committee will also look into projected costs and potential funding or financing for the undertaking.
The first meeting took place on Tuesday, February 7, 2023.

2024 Fire Station Location Analysis Report
2024 Public Safety Feasibility Study
2024 Public Safety Building Needs Committee Executive Summary
2022 Novi Police Department Facility Study
2022 Novi Fire Department Strategic Plan
2014 Fire Station Needs Assessment - Stations 1
2014 Fire Station Needs Assessment - Stations 2
2014 Fire Station Needs Assessment - Stations 3
2020 IACP Police Facilities Planning Guidelines Case Studies

Mar 20, 2024
Feb 22, 2024