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City Council

The Mayor and City Council, Novi’s elected officials, serve the community as part-time, volunteers without benefits. They serve as part of a civic responsibility and work towards the betterment of the entire Novi community today and long into the future.

The Novi City Council consists of seven members including the Mayor and the Mayor Pro-Tem.  Council meetings are held twice a month on Mondays, at 7:00pm, in the Civic Center Council Chambers.  We urge you to attend.  Don't forget to check out the archive of Council meeting minutes in the Minutes Archive page.

Novi City Council

Click on any council member's name for a biography or to send feedback.  To send feedback to the entire Council, use any of their feedback forms and select the option to Submit Feedback to all City Council.

Council Members

Mayor Bob Gatt
Mayor Pro-Tem David Staudt
Council Member Laura Marie Casey
Council Member Hugh Crawford
Council Member Justin Fischer
Council Member Brian Smith
Council Member Ericka Thomas

City Council Goals

On Monday, February 10, 2020 City Council convened prior to their regularly scheduled City Council meeting to facilitate their annual early budget input session. As in year’s past, City Council used a real-time collaborative brainstorming application, called GroupMap to brainstorm and prioritize goals. Council determined at the meeting to consolidate the short-term and long-term goals into one bucket that would span over two years. The comprehensive results of City Council’s strategic session are attached. The goals that received a majority vote will be used to aid the City Manager in the creation of the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Proposed Budget. The goals that received a majority vote from City Council are:
Council Meeting Procedures
Council Meeting Format
General Courtesies For All
Audience Comment Rules
Communication with the City
Council Organization Rules and Order of Business
Committee Appointments