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Meadowbrook Glens Pilot Sidewalk Program

The City of Novi has adopted a pilot program to incentivize Meadowbrook Glens property owners to repair damaged sidewalks by splitting the costs 50/50 with the City. Residents MUST opt-in to the program to take advantage of the reduced costs from bulk pricing. The City will pay for the repairs up front and collect 50% of the repair costs from you on your 2022 winter tax bill in the form of a user fee. A letter to homeowners went out earlier this year, but due to low response rates the City is conducting one final request for opt-ins from homeowners.

Want to Opt In?

To receive a form to Opt In to the Meadowbrook Glens Pilot program or to ask questions, call 248.735.5640 or email

To get an approximate cost:

  • enter your house number
  • select your street name, if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Impact on Property

What impact will this have on my property?
If you choose to participate, the contractor is required to do what is necessary to make repairs. This could include cutting tree roots, complete removal of trees, and damage to lawns or irrigation systems.

Who is responsible for restoration to the area?
The contractor is required to repair damage to any irrigation lines and lawns at the end of the program. This is included in the total cost of the program. Seed and straw will be used as the replanting method.

Why do you have to remove my tree?
If a tree located between the roadway and the sidewalk has contributed to the failure of any sidewalk panel in front of your property, it may be removed to prevent future issues. Trees that are removed will be replaced with a standard 2.5” caliper tree selected by the City at no cost to the homeowner.

What if I do not want my tree removed but I want my sidewalk repaired?
Tree removal is at the discretion of the City. You would have to choose to opt out of the program in its entirety if your tree needed to be removed to complete the work and you did not want it removed.

Will you fix my driveway too?
Only sidewalk panels contained in driveway approaches will be removed and repaired. Entire approaches are not part of this program


What will my cost be to participate in this program?
The cost will differ for each resident based on the inspection data gathered by the third-party consulting firm. The average cost per address is estimated at $300.

Do I have to participate in this program?
No. The program is strictly voluntary. However, the opportunity to split the cost with the City of Novi is only being offered at this time while your neighborhood sidewalks are under repair.

When will I know what I would be required to pay if I choose to participate?
You will be receiving a letter from the City of Novi that will communicate your cost and ask if you would like to opt in or opt out of the program.

How will I be billed for the program?
The City will advance the cost for all repairs and then assess the property owner 50% of the total cost for repairs on their tax bill. Repair costs will not exceed the amount communicated in your letter.

Can I spread the cost out over time?
No. If you choose to participate, you will be assessed a one-time fee.

What if multiple panels are slated for repair but I don’t want to pay to fix all of them?
There is no option to pick and choose the panels to repair.

What if I want to participate but I cannot afford it at this time?
Unfortunately, this is a one-time offer. The large scope of this program has allowed the City to secure an extremely reduced price, far cheaper than what a resident would have to pay if contracting the work on their own.

General FAQs

What if something is found during construction that should have been included?
If additional repairs are needed, it will be solely at the City’s discretion and the City will bear the full cost of any additional repairs.

Who is responsible for the sidewalk after repairs?
All sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, parking spaces, and similar areas shall be kept in a proper state of repair and maintained free from hazardous conditions by the homeowner.

How did you decide what is being repaired?
Any panel adjacent to your parcel that encompasses one or more of the
items listed below:

  • Adjacent sidewalk panels with deflections >3/4” – <2”
  • Panels with extensive cracking
  • Scaling panels
  • The City will pay 100% of the cost for all deflections 2” or greater

For additional questions, contact the Department of Public Works at 248.735.5640 or email DPW