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Nine Mile Sanitary Sewer

Updated October 21, 2022


The Nine Mile Gravity Relief Sanitary Sewer Project involved the construction of sewer along Nine Mile from Kensington Road to Evergreen Court. Staff identified the project in 2013 as high priority to eliminate the concern for redundancy of the Park Place pump station.  Engineering for the project was approved in 2016 and work started in 2019 and was completed in 2022.

The sanitary sewer pipe has been installed, tested, and approved. Additionally, all the individual grinder pumps have been tied in, and the old force main has been abandoned and restoration is complete.

Garfield Lake & Dewatering Update

The Garfield Lake treatment for this season (weed and algae control, an aquatic stabilizer, and muck treatment) that the City agreed to cover has been completed.

Following completion of the project, staff enlisted consulting engineer Spalding DeDecker, to perform a third-party study of the lake and surrounding area.  This independent study assessed the lake for stability, water quality, and restoration and/or mitigations.  Click here to view the completed report.

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