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May 2022 - Eric Rockwell, Police Officer

Eric Rockwell, Police Officer
Eric Rockwell, Police Officer

For your dedication to keeping the citizens safe and also your excellent investigative skills which led to an arrest of a felony suspect; you were selected as the May - Public Safety Employee of the Month.  
On May 8, 2022, you were dispatched to an address on Acorn Trail on a suspicious circumstance complaint. A resident witnessed a male, wearing a dark hoodie, drop a red bag in-between two vehicles in his driveway. The unknown male then walked away. You arrived in the area and located a suspicious black Suburban parked on the street and noted that although the vehicle was unoccupied, the windows were partially rolled down and multiple items were in the back seat. You also observed that there was not a license plate attached to the Suburban. You exited your vehicle and walked to the front of the Suburban when you heard a sound from the passenger side of the truck. You walked around the passenger side of the vehicle and observed a male lying in the ground near the rear passenger tire. The male was ordered not to move. The male got up and ran.  You gave pursuit and were able to apprehend the suspect. 
It was later discovered that the Suburban had been reported stolen. A red bag was found under the Suburban which contained a stolen license plate from a residence on Acorn Trail and a set of golf clubs were also stolen from another vehicle in the area. The subject was on parole and had a warrant for Parole Absconder.
You were nominated by three members of the Department for your exemplary work on this incident.  Sergeant Elsen, Sergeant Edgar, and Officer Toth all noted your attention to detail, your keen investigative skills, and your excellent work in apprehending the suspect.   
To show our appreciation, a $25 gift card has been placed in your mailbox.  Congratulations on being named as the May 2022 Public Safety Employee of the Month. 




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