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April 2022 - Tim Shea, Officer

Tim Shea, Officer
Tim Shea, Officer

For your commitment to the welfare of the citizens of Novi and the compassion that you showed a person in need, congratulations on your selection as the April Novi Public Safety - Employee of the Month.  
On Saturday, May 7, 2022, you were dispatched to a retail fraud. During your investigation, you interacted with a person who may have been involved.  In addition to determining, he wasn’t a suspect, you learned the person was a homeless, 18-year-old, named Anthony, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The young man had no money and no place to stay, he had been sleeping outside since December. He said he only ate, if people were generous enough to give him food, or money to buy a meal. The young man had not bathed since he left Wisconsin and only had the clothing he was wearing. Embodying Community Policing, you offered to bring him to the Police Department so he could take a shower.  You purchased a new pair of sweatpants for Anthony and donated a pair of your own shoes. Along with Officer Walton, the two of you purchased a hot meal for Anthony, who hadn’t eaten in 3 days, but most significantly, you bought him a bus ticket to return to Wisconsin.  As a final gesture, you gave Anthony a ride to the bus station in Southfield and made sure he departed safely.
Sergeant Boody spoke with the young man, who was very appreciative of the help that you had provided. In an emotional voice, Anthony said, "No one has never done anything like this for me; how do I pay him back?”
You are recognized for your dedication to your profession and the exceptional compassion you showed a young man in need of help. You truly embody our values of compassion, kindness, and treating others as we wish to be treated.   
To show our appreciation, a $25 gift card has been placed in your mailbox.  Congratulations on being named as the April 2022 Public Safety Employee of the Month. 




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