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December 2021 - Mark Theisen, Captain

Mark Theisen, Captain, Fire Department
Mark Theisen, Captain, Fire Department

For the kindness and the concern you showed to a citizen in need, congratulations on your selection as the December Novi Public Safety - Employees of the Month.
Novi Fire was dispatched to a lift assist and although the initial address provided was incorrect, due to a language barrier, you were able to combine experience and deductive reasoning to determine the correct location. When you arrived on scene, you found the patient face down on her wheelchair unable to move. After conducting a medical assessment on the woman, you found no injuries; however, there was a strong language barrier between you and the subject, and it was difficult for her to convey her needs to you. Upon further inspection of the area, you noticed that the home did not have adequate lighting and human feces was visible on the ground, in the bed, and on the subject from the chest down. Discovering the insufferable conditions, you did not feel comfortable leaving the woman in the current situation and immediately started to act. First, you washed her with wipes, then you cleaned the surroundings including the bed and the floor, and you disposed of the trash. Eventually, a relative arrived to assist.
You are recognized for your dedication to your profession and to the citizens of Novi. The compassion and concern you showed on this run, and every run, was an indication of your heart and character. You embody teamwork, initiative, and professionalism.
To show our appreciation, a $25 gift card has been placed in your mailbox. Congratulations on being named as the December 2021 Public Safety Employee of the Month.




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