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Public Safety Employee of the Month


December 2020 - Ryan Haney, Officer

Officer - Ryan Haney
Officer - Ryan Haney

Due to your diligence, determination, and dedication to the citizens of Novi and the community in which they live you were selected as the Employee of the Month - December 2020. You were nominated by Sergeant Rachel Meier.

Sgt. Meier stated that on December 12, 2020, at around 11:41pm, you were heading back to Wildlife Woods Park to conduct an extra patrol where you observed headlights in the park upon your approach. You then passed a white Jeep Wrangler as it was exiting the park and turned and stopped the Jeep and found that it was covered in mud. You discovered that the Jeep has just been "off roading" in the grass field in the park and caused damage to the grass. The driver admitted to you that he had been turfing the grass just before you arrived. The suspect was arrested for the Malicious Destruction of Property and was Mirandized and interviewed. The suspect admitted to you that he had done damage to the fields at Wildlife Woods in the last few months. Due to your dedicated patrols in a problem area, the violator was finally found and arrested.

You are to be commended for your fine work with taking a suspect into custody who had been repeatedly damaging park property. Congratulations, you are hereby recognized as the Public Safety Employee of the month.




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