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Public Safety Employee of the Month


May 2021 - Paul Bostwick, Fire Protection Officer

Fire Protection Officer, Paul Bostwick
Fire Protection Officer, Paul Bostwick

Due to your leadership and efforts in training Fire Department staff on the new Tower One truck as well as making sure the truck is maintained and prepared for any scenario, I want to thank and congratulate you on your selection as the May 2021 Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month.  You were nominated by Fire Protection Officer Andy Copeland.

Fire Protection Officer Copeland stated that you take great pride and ownership of the new truck and have volunteered to help train drivers, making sure they are up to date with the specific skills required for this specialized vehicle. You regularly make time to properly educate personnel through practical exercises.  Additionally, you go above and beyond with regular maintenance checks, reporting any irregularities to your supervisors.  It was also noted that you are the first person to make sure all training is up to date and relevant for potential rescue scenarios that might arise.

You are recognized for your dedication to your profession and to making the Department more efficient and ready to serve the community.  You embody initiative, commitment, and hard work, and your actions exemplify the core values of the Novi Public Safety Team.  

Congratulations to you on being named as the May 2021 Public Safety Employee of the Month.




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