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Public Safety Employee of the Month


April 2021 - Al Patterson, Communications Manager

Al Patterson, Communications Manager
Al Patterson, Communications Manager

Due to your tireless efforts and leadership in developing and designing our new communications center as well as your efforts in the seamless transition to and from the temporary center, I want to thank and congratulate you on your selection as the April 2021 Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month. You were nominated by Assistant Chief Scott Baetens.
Assistant Chief Baetens stated that the upgrade of our dispatch center cost approximately $200,000 and lasted from January 11th through May 1st of this year. The upgrade consisted of demolition, electrical, plumbing, a new kitchenette, with new flooring and workstations. Dispatchers began to move back into the Center on April 18th from the temporary center. This project involved numerous meetings with architects, city staff, various trades, and Oakland County. You were integral not only in the physical aspect of moving the center and helping set it up, but the design and daily supervision of it being built. Through your direct involvement we have one of the most modern and up to date PSAPs in Michigan. One, that agencies around us have come to review and inspect, to model their own upgrades.
You are recognized for your dedication to your profession and to making the Department more efficient and modern. You embody teamwork, initiative, and hard work, and through your actions exemplify the core values of the Novi Public Safety Team.

Congratulations to you on being named as the April 2021 Public Safety Employee of the Month.




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