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Public Safety Employee of the Month


November 2020 - Beck Morningstar, Cadet

Cadet - Beck Morningstar
Cadet - Beck Morningstar

Due to your diligence, determination, and dedication to the citizens of Novi and the Novi Public Safety personnel, you were selected as the Employee of the Month - November 2020. You were nominated by Records Clerk Jackie Evanski.

Clerk Evanski noted that on numerous occasions you have gone above and beyond to help the records clerks. She cited one incident in the month of November where a records clerk was upstairs alone on a particularly busy day and this clerk reached out to you to assist with paperwork to be prepared for a court docket. Without hesitation, you researched and learned the documents which needed to be prepared and did so exceptionally well, something that is not typical for your daily work assignment. It was noted that routinely you do not only what is asked of you, but clearly do more than your fair share of tasks. You are someone we know will do your job without fail and Clerk Evanski noted that the Records Staff are very thankful when you are working.

For your efforts and commitment to serving the Novi Public Safety T earn, putting forth maximum effort on all of your tasks, as well as taking on additional responsibilities without hesitation, you are recognized as the Public Safety Employee of the month, congratulations!




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