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April 2019 - Officer Andrew Toth

Public Safety Employee of the Month - Officer Andrew Toth
Public Safety Employee of the Month - Officer Andrew Toth

I wish to extend my appreciation and congratulations to you on your nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month – April 2019.  Your nomination was in response to your kindness, compassion, and caring actions taken April 19, and again on Easter Sunday.
On Friday April 19, 2019 you, along with Officer Woodley, responded on an AED run which resulted in a hospice death investigation.  The deceased was a Vietnam veteran who had served three tours, and as a result had suffered from post-traumatic stress.  He was being cared for by his wife as he had been suffering from dementia for the past several years.  The wife of the deceased recently reached out to Sergeant Boody as a result of her positive interaction with you.  She advised that on the day of her husband’s death, you stayed by her side while EMS personnel attempted to treat her husband.  She also advised that on Easter Sunday you unexpectedly arrived at her home to bring her a card and flowers as well as say happy Easter to her.  This small but heartfelt action meant the world to her as this was her first holiday without her husband.
Your compassion, empathy, and thoughtfulness are truly a credit to the Novi Police and Fire team.  Your actions reflect the mission statement of the Novi Police Department, “Partners with our Community.”  On behalf of all the men and women of the Novi police and fire departments, we congratulate you on being named the April Public Safety Employee of the Month.




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