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September 2021 - Kevin Pierce, Fire Marshal

Kevin Pierce, Fire Marshal
Kevin Pierce, Fire Marshal

For your commitment to providing consistently excellent customer service, you were nominated by Fire Chief Jeff Johnson.  
Specifically, Chief Johnson noted that he received correspondence regarding your efforts in working with the owners of Broadway Salon Studio.  The CEO of Broadway Salon, Francis Meram, stated, “While scrambling to try and open our new business, Fire Marshal Pierce made himself available, communicated regularly, and went above and beyond to identify all the requirements necessary to open a safe space for our customers and employees.  I wish we dealt with more government officials like Mr. Pierce regularly.  He was fair, transparent, and accessible which is all we can ask for when going through the struggles of opening a new business.”
You are recognized for your dedication to the citizens of Novi and your commitment to always providing excellent customer service.  For those efforts, you are the September 2021 Public Safety Employee of the Month.  Congratulations. 




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