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National Endowment for the ArtsThe City of Novi strives to offer a variety of parks and green spaces for its residents to play, learn, and be inspired. Fuerst Park provides great opportunities to enjoy musical performances, gather with friends, or take a stroll across the rolling grounds. It has been an initiative of the Cultural Arts Advisory Board and the Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department to enhance this great space with unique and inspirational public art pieces. For the past few years we have been working diligently on discovering new ways to fund these public art displays.

Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural AffairsThis past year the City of Novi received a grant for the purpose of enhancing the 2017 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit on the Novi Civic Center Campus. This grant was awarded by the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the grant funding was matched by the Novi Parks Foundation. Seven sculptures have been installed by artists from all around Michigan and join the five sculptures already on the Novi Civic Center Campus. We encourage you to take some time this year to head out to the park and enjoy the exhibit, and as always thank you for supporting your Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department!

Fuerst Park

Apollo by Kathy Rose Pizzo

Apollo by Kathy Rose Pizzo

  Blue Square Back by Gary Kulak

Blue Square Back by Gary Kulak

Bouquet Steel by Andrew Kline

Bouquet by Andrew Kline


The Surveyor by Charlie O’Geen


Sonata by David Barr

Strum and Drang

Strum and Drang by John Sauve


Novi Civic Center

Split Rock
Split Rock by David Barr
Going Green
Going Green by Jack Howard Potter


Pavilion Shore Park

The Novi Parks Foundation generously donated a sculpture to this new park by Novi’s own famous artist, David Barr, called Fate of Empires. This sculpture represents the rise and fall of civilizations and connects with this property’s history as it has been the site of a casino, amusement park, and dance hall in the past. Now as a public park we can reflect on the area’s history and how we would like to shape the City going forward.

Fate of Empires by David Barr


Baseline Marker

David Barr speaks about the Baseline Marker at its dedication ceremony
International artist and Novi resident David Barr speaks about his Baseline Marker sculpture at its dedication on September 20, 2011

Located in the ITC Community Sports Park at Eight Mile and Napier Roads, the Baseline Marker is the third in the series designed by Novi Artist, David Barr. The marker was created in cooperation with several organizations and individuals in the Novi area and had significant funding support from the Americana Foundation. Dedicated in 2011, Novi's obelisk has key elements depicting Novi's farm and fruit growing origins, the railroad, Grand River Avenue, and other early modes of transportation essential to Novi's economy, as well as Novi's transition to a recreation destination for Detroit. Contact the Novi Historical Commission Chairperson at the Novi Public Library at 248-349-0720 for additional information.

  Baseline Marker Brochure
  Baseline Marker Obelisk Design