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Family Education

A variety of educational opportunities are offered throughout the year, aimed at improving communication between parents and their children, understanding child development, and enhancing parenting skills. These programs are frequently co-sponsored by other community groups, libraries, and/or local schools.

Judy Lipson Presentation on ADHD and Anxiety

Spiral Wisdom LLC – COVID-19 SPIRAL WISDOM LLC Judy Lipson is a Licensed Professional Counselor supporting ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum/Aspergers as well as those who wish to explore their Life's Purpose.

Pic-NYA_JudyLipson.pngLearn realistic techniques to improve homework completion, organization, time management and studying. Understand the many sources of anxious feelings and practice strategies for yourselves and your kids to better cope during these challenging times.

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Judy offers a variety of presentations for your professional or parent group. They can be tailored for small and large audiences. Click here for more information.
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