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About Us

Novi Youth Assistance

A local branch of Oakland County Youth Assistance, Novi Youth Assistance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, made up of a community of volunteers, assisted by a professional staff, whose main goal is providing early intervention programs that offer support and education to families in our community.


To strengthen youth and families and to prevent and reduce the incidence of delinquency, neglect, and abuse through community involvement.


Novi Youth Assistance is supported by a unique tri-sponsorship agreement between Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division, the City of Novi , and the Novi Community School District .


NYA Executive Committee

Tom Smith,  Chair
Andrea Smith, Chair
Sandy Fisher, Treasurer
Priya Gurumurthy, Secretary

NYA General Citizens Committee

Linda Cianferra
Kayley Dahring
Gayathri Ilango
Michael Kuzila
David Law
John O’Brien
Ratna Rao
Travis Reeds
Karina Reynoso
Kathy Smith-Roy
Bob Steeh
Camille Straham
Julie Warren

NYA Office Staff

Lisa Shields, Caseworker
Maria Nadeau, Office Administrator

Youth Assistance History

Youth Assistance (YA) began in 1953 with a group of Hazel Park citizens and Juvenile Court Judge Arthur E. Moore. Together they developed a program to assist troubled youth within their own communities rather than referring them to Juvenile Court. The YA program has expanded over the past 60+ years and is now a unit of the Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division with caseworkers placed in 26 offices throughout Oakland County school districts to provide counseling sources to youth and their families. These programs exist due to a unique tri-sponsorship with the local government, the local school district and the Oakland County Circuit Court.

Investing in Prevention - Youth Assistance Now, Or Pay More Later!

$475 buys you one day at a state juvenile facility
(Average stay is 660 days, for a total cost of $313,500)*

$315 buys you one day at a private institution/residential
(Average stay is 180 days, for a total cost of $56,700)*

$169 buys you one day at Children’s Village
(Average stay is 180 days, for a total of $30,420)*

$15 buys you one day of Intensive Probation
(Average probation period is 180 days, for a total of $2,700)*

$9 buys you one day of Standard Probation
(Average probation period is 240 days, for a total of $2,160)*

*None of the above figures includes the cost of processing a case from complaint through disposition that typically costs between $3,000 -$5,000 dollars.

For $2.50, you buy one day of Youth Assistance Casework Services.
(Average service period is 120 days for a total of $300)

Which one will it be, a long weekend at Children’s Village or four months of family-focused counseling services with a 92% success rate of preventing involvement with any of the above?

Youth Assistance does not Cost . . . . it Pays!