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Available Buildings and Sites

For further information, or if you would like to have a personal site tour or an extensive search of properties conducted, please contact us and we will tailor a site visit and search to meet your location needs.

Eleven Mile/Lee Begole Drive

Quick Facts

  • Address:  42250 11 Mile
    North Side of street
    East of Town Center Drive
  • Area:  2.03-14.70 Acres
  • Current Zoning:  I-1 Light Industrial
  • Master Plan:  Office Commercial
  • County:  Oakland

Eleven Mile/Lee Begole Property Information Package

12 Mile/ Beck Road

Quick Facts:
  • Address: 46844 Twelve mile Rd
    North Side of street, East of Beck Rd
  • Area: 20 Acres
  • Current Zoning: I-1 Light Industrial (5 acres), & I-2 General Industrial (15 acres)
  • Master Plan: Industrial Research Development, Technology and Heavy Industrial
  • County: Oakland

12 Mile/Beck Road Property Information Package

12 Mile/Novi Road

Quick Facts:
  • Address: 43700 Twelve mile Rd
  • Area: 3.21 Acres
  • Current Zoning: OS-1: Office Service
  • Master Plan: Community Office
  • County: Oakland

12 Mile/Novi Road Property Information Package