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Freedom of Information/Records Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the Federal law that provides access to public records, except for those protected from disclosure under the Act. To request records, please visit the FOIA Request Center website.

FOIA Request Center Launched

In an effort to enhance transparency for the public, the City of Novi recently launched the FOIA Request Center. The FOIA Request Center will help the City of Novi track records requests across multiple departments, standardize records processing and fulfill requests in a timely manner. Also, help City of Novi better understand the direct costs associated with the records processing.

With this easily accessible web portal the public can be sure it is receiving complete and accurate records in a reasonable time frame. It allows requester to submit a new request, track the progress and receive updates by email. The requestor can also read any correspondence or notes about specific requests and download electronic records deliverables.

Requestors can continue to contact City of Novi, MI officials in person, in writing or by email, but the requests will be tracked internally through the new application.

Please Note

The City has five business days to respond if the request is submitted in person, through the mail or submitted electronically (not counting the day the request is received).

If necessary, the City may issue a ten-day extension, which allows ten additional business days to search for the requested information.

Charges may include the hourly wage, or a portion thereof, of the lowest paid employee capable of performing the search, the costs of copying and retrieval of offsite records.

If research and copying costs exceed $50, a good faith deposit of no more than 50% of the final cost may be required.