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Elections and Voting Information

Information for Voters

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my ballot?
Why am I receiving multiple absentee ballot applications?
Why did I receive an absentee ballot application for someone who no longer lives at my address?
Why do I have to apply for an absentee ballot?
I am on the Automatic Application List so why do I have to keep filling out a new application for every election?
What is the difference between an absentee ballot and a ballot issued in the precinct?
If I vote under the straight party category, but there is another candidate that I want to vote for on the ballot of a different party, does that nullify my ballot?
What happens to my ballot after I turn it in?
What signature of mine are you using to verify against my ballot signature?
Are all absentee ballots counted or just if it is a close race?
If I make a mistake on my ballot what do I need to do?
I received my ballot and have decided that I want to go the polls, what do I need to do now?