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BeGole House for sale

BeGole House for sale
43707 Grand River Avenue Home for Sale and Relocation, Details ...
The City of Novi is making plans to complete the southwest/final portion of the ring road at Grand River Avenue and Novi Road. As such, a single-family residence owned by the City of Novi is available for relocation. The structure is currently located at 43707 Grand River Ave within the City of Novi (50-22-15-477-012).  The home is to be sold for $1.00 in as is condition and must be relocated. No warranties or guarantees are provided or inferred. The structure is currently not habitable and will require alterations and repairs once relocated. Hazardous material evaluation has not been performed. The offer is for the house only and the structure must be relocated by purchaser at the purchaser’s risk and expense, including utility disconnects and all relocation required permits and approvals. The land will be retained by the City of Novi. The purchaser must relocate the home by October 31, 2021. Interested parties should contact Assistant City Manager Victor Cardenas at 248.347.0450 or
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