Thank you for your interest in the City of Novi community Mural Contest! This contest was put together to provide a space for artists to share their talents, show how positive collaboration can work and use them to beautify a piece of our beloved Novi. The goal is to make Novi a destination location and bring more foot traffic into the area, which will positively impact the success of our local businesses. Up to four finalists will be selected from among the submissions received. 

General Guidelines: These guidelines provide an overview of how to participate in the City of Novi Mural Contest. The guidelines are designed to assure that the murals created within Novi enhance the community’s appearance, without causing any negative impact on public safety or welfare.  

Selection Criteria

  • Must be original artwork of the person(s) named on the entry form
  • When possible, encourage public engagement
  • No political, social statements or influences
  • When possible, represent a pro-Novi message
  • Happy, uplifting, inspiring and colorful in nature
  • No advertisements, logos or copyrighted images
  • Images should have a universal appeal
  • Neon, fluorescent, or reflective type colors are discouraged
  • Keep the piece relevant to Novi’s values, culture and people
  • Some theme ideas: natural beauty of the area, Novi’s history, health and wellness, local sports, art or education     

Submit an application (deadline April 5 2024) by completing the form below.

We are currently in the process of soliciting building owners to gather interest for possible sites. If you are designing your mural with a specific space in mind, please note that on your application. As possible sites are identified, they will be added to this page.

Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Wall: Western wall of the Buffalo Wild Wings space, facing Emagine Entertainment
The Mural Selection Committee will collaborate with the winning finalists and building owners to determine which entries will be placed on each site. 
Building Owners: The building owner must sign a written agreement to permit his/her property to be included in the competition. The owner shall agree to allow the mural to be left undisturbed for a duration of at least three years, unless the property is sold. 

Mural Installation

The City will submit a Request for Proposal for artists to install/paint mural(s).

Application, Review, and Winning Design Selection Process

The intention of the City of Novi Mural Contest is to award up to four winners. Each applicant will be required to submit a formal application and a color rendering of the proposed project. Applicants should submit one or more sketches of their concept. Up to three different concepts per artist will be considered. Each concept will require its own completed entry form. Additional notes or images may be included as necessary. Team submissions will also be accepted.   To apply, click the application submission button below. 

Submissions will be accepted until April 5, 2024, 4:30pm. Submissions received after this point will not be considered. Projects that do not meet all the design criteria/guidelines, may be eliminated from the competition. Moreover, the City of Novi reserves the right to accept or reject all entries. The Mural Selection Committee will collectively decide on the murals that aesthetically look best together and highlight Novi in the best way. Submissions not chosen will be kept for future mural opportunities.

The City of Novi will include winners’ names and photos in communications, including social media.

For questions and more information, contact Community Relations at