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City Charter

The Charter is the “Constitution” for the City of Novi. Just as the United States Constitution serves as the “supreme law of the land” for our country, the Charter serves as the basic set of rules for City of Novi government.

The City Charter was originally approved at a special election held on February 18, 1969, shortly after the proposal to incorporate was approved at a special election held on May 20, 1968. The City Charter became effective on February 24, 1969. A Charter revision was approved by the voters on November 8, 1977. The revision did not affect the millage or tax rate, but streamlined City government.

In March 2013, City Council approved a resolution establishing an ad hoc Charter Review Committee with the task of reviewing the City's Charter and reporting to the City Council any suggested amendments. Five proposed amendments to the City Charter were included on the November 5, 2013 ballot.

City of Novi Charter

Charter Review Committee Information and Meeting Archive