Wixom Rd Sanitary Sewer: Birchwoods Dr. to Braeburn Ln.

Updated 4/2/24

Start: July 2023
Current Status: In-progress
Projected End: Summer 2024
Road Jurisdiction: City of Novi


The Wixom Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement & Pump Station Improvements Project is a necessary public health, safety, and welfare project. The sanitary sewer system in this area is at capacity and needs rehabilitation, and improvement to continue to meet the demands of the surrounding community for sanitary sewage disposal.

The contractor, Pamar Enterprises, had to set up dewatering operations to lower the groundwater level within the construction area to make it safe to lay the new sanitary sewer.  Dewatering is no longer necessary.

Road Closure

Wixom Road is currently closed to southbound traffic for the Wixom Road Rehabilitation Project. Throughout the project, one lane of northbound-only traffic on Wixom Rd. will be maintained between 10 Mile Rd. and Grand River. The Wixom Road Rehabilitation Project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2024. Please follow the posted detour or use an alternate route.

For more information on the Wixom Road Rehabilitation Project please click here: https://cityofnovi.org/betterroadsahead/wixom-rd-grand-river-to-10-mile/ 


The sanitary sewer replacement is complete. Restoration and the Pump Station Improvement portion of the project work will take place throughout the summer of 2024 – concurrent with the Wixom Road Rehabilitation Project. Neither is expected to have any significant impact on the roads.