I-275 Repair and Rehabilitation Improvements (Six Mile Road to Will Carleton Road) 24 Miles

Updated:  5/15/2024

Start: July 15, 2021
Current Status: In Progress
End: 2025
Road Jurisdiction: MDOT


The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is repairing 24 miles of I-275 as part of the "Rebuilding Michigan" initiative. The project will take place in 6 phases over 4 years. The work will include asphalt and concrete repairs and replacements, repairs on 65 bridges, construction of retaining walls, drainage improvements, signage replacements, sidewalk improvements, and tree replacements. The project will also include repair to parts of the I-275 Metro Trail Pathway system which runs alongside the interstate.

Road Closure:

Please visit revive275.org/ for current lane, ramp, and road closures.




The majority of the road and bridgework is complete. Expected work for 2024 is primarily set for the northbound side. The following is a list of this year's activities: (1) Restoration and landscape work; (2) Install permanent pavement markings; (3) Punch list bridge work; and (4) Removal of temporary emergency pull-off lanes.

Click here for MDOT's updated construction information.