Start: April 17, 2024
Project End: April 17, 2024
Road Jurisdiction: City of Novi


On Wednesday. April 17, 2024, the City of Novi’s Water & Sewer Division we will be performing an inspection of the PCCP (Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe) water main along Novi Road.  This will require a short lane closure in two locations.

The inspection involves the insertion of inspection equipment called the PipeDiver, which can determine if there are any defects in the walls of the PCCP.  As the PipeDiver continues through the water main, staff will be following along to operate valves to make sure it follows the correct route. 

Temporary Lane Closures:

6 am – Noon: The easternmost NB lane on Novi Road, north of 12 Mile (adjacent to the cemetery).

Afternoon: The westernmost SB lane on Novi Road, just north of Ten Mile (the exact timing depends on the speed of the inspection).