13 Mile Rd.: Novi Rd. to Whitman Way

Updated: 4/11/24


Start: February 8, 2024

Current Status: Complete

End: Spring 2024
Road Jurisdiction: City of Novi


The City of Novi will be making necessary repairs and improvements to the existing 36-inch transmission water main, located near 13 Mile and Novi Roads. The work will take place in three (3) stages:

Stage 1 - Install a new 8-inch water main under 13 Mile Road, east of Novi Road that will serve Wexford Townhomes and Woods of Novi developments while the other two stages are being worked on;

Stage 2 - Install two 36-inch water main 'line-stops' on the main located on the west side of Novi Road, just north of 13 Mile Road; and

Stage 3 - Make the repairs and improvements to the 36-inch transmission water main along the northside of 13 Mile Road, just west of Novi Road.

Road Closure

13 Mile Road is open and there is no detour at this time.


All work is now complete and both 13 Mile and Novi Road are fully reopened. The contractor will return later to repair an existing gate valve located at the 13 Mile/Old Novi/South Lake Drive intersection. This valve repair work will be handled under flag control and the intersection reopened at the end of each day. The repair should only take one week to complete.