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Tuesday – May 2, 2000 – 7:30 p.m.

Council Chambers – Novi Civic Center – 45175 W. Ten Mile Rd.


Roll call Members Bauer, Harrington, Reinke, Fannon, Brennan and Sanghvi

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes – Minutes of April 4, 2000

Public Remarks

Case No. 00-008 filed by Harmon Sign, representing Ruby Tuesday’s

Harmon Sign is requesting a sign variance, located at 27500 Novi Road (Twelve Oaks Mall).

Case No. 00-017 filed by Allied Signs, representing Kohl’s Department Store

Allied Signs is requesting a variance to allow the relocation of a second wall sign approved by ZBA case 1693 "B" from the south elevation to the front or east elevation. The original variance allowed the second sign based on the additional entrance on the south side of the building. CASE TABLED UNTIL NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETING.

Case No. 00-018 filed by Collins Sign Company, representing Home Depot

Collins Sign Company is requesting a sign variance for two (2) additional wall signs with verbiage of "Garden Center" (54.67 sq. ft.) and "Indoor Lumberyard" (71.8 sq. ft.). A "Home Depot" sign of 211 sq. ft. has been approved for this business.

Case No. 00-020 filed by Irwin Arkin of SHIRO Restaurant

Irwin Arkin is requesting a variance to allow a sign for SHIRO Restaurant located at 43180 Nine Mile Road.

Case No. 00-021 filed by Irwin Arkin of SHIRO Restaurant

Irwin Arkin is requesting a variance to allow an off-premises sign at the northeast corner of Nine Mile and Novi Roads. Sign is proposed to be 8’ x 4’ (32 sq. ft.) in area and 14’ in height to advertise SHIRO Restaurant at 43180 Nine Mile Road.

6) Case No. 00-022 filed by Anthony Ferlito representing Regency Drive

Anthony Ferlito is requesting the installation of a real estate sign announcing the project known as Regency Centre. The sign requested is 64 sq. ft. and 10’ in height.

Case No. 00-023 filed by Library Sports Pub & Grill

Library Sports Pub & Grill is requesting a variance to allow for temporary outdoor seating for property located at 42100 Grand River Avenue from May 2, 2000 through September 30, 2000. Refer to ZBA case No. 96-020, 97-023 and 98-022.

Case No. 00-024 filed by Caren Fifer, 41414 Thirteen Mile

Caren Fifer is requesting to construct a new garage addition and is in need of a variance to allow for an increase to an existing non-conforming structure. A front and rear yard variance is needed.

Case No. 00-025 filed by Eric Stang, 114 Bernstadt

Eric Stang is requesting four (4) variances to allow him to construct a 24’ x 24’ detached garage, keep two other existing accessory structures and have more than the maximum total square footage allowed for storage space.

Collex Collision

Show Cause Hearing regarding no outside storage or overnight storage of vehicles allowed.

Other Matters

Husky sign - update

Temporary signs – further discussion from last meeting

Rules of Procedure – amendment