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Wetland and Woodland Stewardship

In an ever expanding asphalt world, the City of Novi treats our woodlands and wetlands like the natural wonders that they are. Much thought and care went into creation on the Woodland and Wetland Ordinances. These protections will help ensure that through progress and development, we retain our vital natural resources that help make Novi the beautiful and healthy community that we are.


Cover of Wetland and Woodland Stewardship brochure. Wetland and Woodland Stewardship brochure

More Wetlands Facts

Also, check out wetlands information from the Environmental Protection Agency's website.  This series of wetlands fact sheets covers a wide variety of topics, such as economic benefits, wetlands mitigation banking, the local role in wetlands protection, Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, and more.

Wetlands and Woodlands Maps