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2015 Neighborhood Roads Program


Example of Repaired Neighborhood Road
Example of rehabilitated street using discrete panel replacements and partial depth joint repair.

For several years, the City Council has made it a primary goal to invest annually in neighborhood streets to maintain the city’s local road network. To implement this goal, the City selects several residential streets to be addressed based on an evaluation of the pavement condition using PASER ratings, field observations by staff, and resident concerns. Please refer to the Pavement Condition Asset Management web page for additional information on PASER ratings and Asset Management.

The 2015 Neighborhood Road Program will implement the City’s Asset Management approach for pavements that was established in 2009 and is explained in detail at the above link. The asset management program stresses the importance of using preventative maintenance to preserve good quality roads using low-cost rehabilitation techniques, rather than allowing the roads to deteriorate to a point that requires reconstruction involving much more effort at a higher cost. Roads that have deteriorated significantly are addressed with rehabilitation methods such as overlays, panel replacements, and joint repairs to allow more efficient application of available road funds to maximize the number of neighborhood streets that can be included each year in the program.

Program Details

The 2015 Neighborhood Road Program will include the rehabilitation of the roads listed in the table below. Repair techniques to be implemented include:

  • partial-depth mill and overlay of asphalt
  • concrete panel replacement (discrete replacement of single or multiple concrete slabs)
  • joint repair (removal and replacement of failed concrete joints)
  • full-depth and partial-depth reconstruction
  • sealing cracks and joints to preserve the pavement
  • Use of pavement interlayers to help resist reflective cracking

The map below shows the streets that are being designed for completion in 2015.
2015 Neighborhood Roads Program Location Map

For further information about this year’s project please contact George Melistas, Engineering Senior Manager, Department of Public Works at 248-735-5632.

Local Street Listing

December 9-15, 2015 Update (last update for the season)

Additional Asphalt & Concrete Streets – a final listing of these street segments and their current construction status can be found in the table below. ** Work on Quince Drive and Tamara Drive west of Quince will be deferred until June 2016 because it is not possible to do the work now without risking public safety. Higher than anticipated bus and parent traffic volumes to and from Orchard Hills Elementary make doing this work during the school year a safety hazard. In addition, selected areas on both streets require excavation of poor soils beneath the road bed, which requires several good weather days to complete and fill before paving work could commence. Instead, the City’s plan is to complete this work in June 2016 once school is out for the year.

***Work on Sudbury and Trent Courts, in the Chase Farms Subdivision will also need to be postponed until May or June of 2016, due to below normal temperatures for placing new concrete.

Cherry Hill Dr from Ridge Rd to Highlands Dr
Paser 3-4, Concrete,  Joint/Panel Repairs

Highlands Dr from Cherry Hill Dr to Cherry Hill Dr
PASER 4, Concrete, Joint/Panel Repairs

Subury Ct from Brockshire St to End
PASER 3, Concrete, Reconstruction
Postponed until Spring 2016

Brockshire St from Chase Dr to Hempshire St
PASER 2-4, Concrete, Reconstruction

Trent Ct from Chase Dr to End
PASER 4, Concrete, Reconstruction
Postponed until Spring 2016

Chase Dr from Reindeer Dr to Trent Ct
PASER 4, Concrete, Reconstruction
Northbound Lane Complete, Pouring south-half of southbound lane

Westchester Ct from Ashbury Dr to End
PASER 4, Concrete, Panel Repair

Quince Dr from Ten Mile Rd to End
PASER 2-5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement
Postponed until June 2016

Aspen Dr from Tamara Dr to Silvery Ln
PASER 5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement

Borchart Dr from Silvery Ln to Meadowbrook Rd
PASER 4-5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement

Sycamore Dr from Silvery Ln to Woodland Creek Dr
PASER 4, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement

Silvery Ln from Malott Dr to Aspen Dr
PASER 3-5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement

Tamara Dr from Borchart Dr to Quince Dr.
PASER 3-5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement

Tamara Dr from Quince to School Property
PASER 3-5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement
Postponed until June 2016

Woodland Creek Dr from Brochart Dr to End
PASER 5, Asphalt, Pavement Replacement