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Residential Cross Connection



Cross Connection Videos


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Backflow Preventer Test Report

Mandatory Residential Cross Connection Plumbing Inventory Worksheet

(Instructions for Mandatory Residential Cross Connection Plumbing Inventory Worksheet)

Failed Backflow Preventer

Failed Backflow Preventer
Improper winterization of your backflow preventer = $$$


Is your laundry tub cross connected creating a cross contamination hazard?

Contractor List for Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention

Residential Cross Connection Control District Map

Cross Connection Control Handbook

FEBCO 765 Freeze Protection Guidelines

Picture Identifier / Residential Backflow Prevention Devices

Hose Bib Protection Identifier

50 Cross Connection Questions, Answers & Illustrations

Stop Backflow News!  Case Histories & Solutions

Cross Connection Control Manual

 Water Assisted Backup Sump Required Protection

Solar Water - Heating Systems

Bidets – Protective Requirements for Installation

Setting Up A Safe Toilet To Protect Against A Backflow Event

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

High Sprinkler Head High Sprinkler Head

The Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) backflow preventer is on the right, above the red line.  The Sprinkler head, circled in yellow, must be 12 inches below the red line

The Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) backflow preventer (white arrow).  The Backflow Preventer, measured from the red line, must be 12 inches above the highest sprinkler head.  In this picture, the backflow preventer must be raised or sprinkler heads must be lowered


Cross Connection Videos

Introduction to Cross Connectors

Common Backflow Preventers in Your Home

Testing a Backflow Preventer

Lawn Irrigation

Winterization of Lawn Irrigation Backflow Preventers

Winterizing Your Hose Bib Vacuum Breakers and Hose Connections