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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


January 2017 - Communications Manager Alan Patterson

Communications Manager Alan Patterson
Communications Manager Alan Patterson

The Novi Public Safety Administration would like to congratulate Communications Manager Alan Patterson on being named Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month for January, 2017.

On Saturday, January 14th the Novi Police Department started to experience telephone issues on our 911 and business lines. As Communications Manager, Alan directed staff to contact our vendor, AWT, to address the issue. Although staff were able to answer calls via headsets, they were not able to receive the Automatic Number Information (ANI) and/or Automatic Location Information (ALI) which is imperative for locating callers in the event their situation does not afford them the ability to verbally provide their location. Alan developed a work around to transfer all Novi and South Lyon 911 calls to the Oakland County Sheriff’s dispatch center to capture the ANI/ALI information then immediately transfer them back to Novi. AWT recommended a complete shutdown of the system and that we wait until Tuesday, January 17th for a re-boot.
When notified that two of our seven open phone lines began locking up, on Sunday, January 15th, Alan immediately recognized our level of customer service was unacceptable and responded to the police department to formulate a plan. A strategic backup plan involving West Bloomfield PD was implemented and Alan called in two additional dispatchers to staff our lines at their location.  In addition, Alan had staff test CAD entries at West Bloomfield to ensure they transferred to Novi consoles then ensured fire tones and IRIS notifications for Novi Fire were working properly.

As the hardware issues persisted throughout the week, Alan worked with Novi Information Technology staff to install City of Novi phones in the dispatch center eliminating the need for staff to work overtime at West Bloomfield and enjoy their regular days off with their loved ones. The seemingly simple solution required coordination with Novi and South Lyon police phone providers and the return of Oakland County transferring 911 calls back to Novi PD to capture ANI/ALI information. On Thursday, January 19th, Novi Dispatchers were finally able to handle business line calls from our dispatch center.

During the nine day incident, Alan remained calm and professional as he developed multiple contingency plans to ensure Novi and South Lyon residents received excellent customer service.  It is for these reasons, that the full-time fire and police command officers and administrators congratulate you on being named Public Safety Employee of the Month - JANUARY 2017.  




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