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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


October 2016 - Records Clerk Carol Westfall

Records Clerk Carol Westfall
Records Clerk Carol Westfall

The Novi Public Safety Administration would like to extend our congratulations to Public Safety Records Clerk Carol Westfall on being nominated and selected as the Public Safety Employee of the Month for October, 2016. Carol was nominated for identifying inefficiencies in the bond receipt process and making changes to the bond receipt to more effectively capture critical information.

During the course of Carol’s daily duties, she noticed that the bond slips in booking could be improved upon.  Showing initiative, Carol took the time to update the forms.  Carol streamlined and enhanced a repetitive process that all personnel that use the new form have benefited from.    

Since the implementation, several officers have approached their supervisors with comments about the change.  Carol planned the forms to be larger, more legible, added the local district court’s address, and included warrant, docket, ticket, and OCA numbers,  The changes she spearheaded, streamlined the process and provided greater efficiency on many levels.  The resourcefulness Carol demonstrated to create a bond receipt that eliminated redundancy is commendable.  

Carol is always willing to go above and beyond, not only to assist records staff, but the entire agency.  The Public Safety Administration congratulate Carol Westfall on being named Public Safety Employee of the Month.




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