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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


February 2016 - Officer Michael Daisley

Officer Michael Daisley
Officer Michael Daisley

The Novi Public Safety Administration would like to extend their appreciation and congratulations to Officer Michael Daisley on his nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month – February 2016.  Officer Daisley was nominated by Sergeant Woloski and selected by the Implementation Committee for his attention to detail and exhaustive follow-up during a seemingly routine traffic stop.

On February 16, 2016, Officer Daisley conducted a traffic stop on a 2001 Mercury Villager while on patrol in the area of northbound M5 and Twelve Mile Road.  He observed the vehicle to have an obstructed and stolen license plate which resulted in a subsequent traffic stop.  After identifying the operator of the vehicle, Officer Daisley determined that he was driving on a suspended license.  Additionally, the driver made statements regarding his journey which contradicted his direction of travel.  After further questioning the driver, Officer Daisley arrested him for possession of the stolen plate as well as DWLS.  Sensing the driving was not being completely truthful; he continued his investigation while booking the prisoner.  

In the booking area, Officer Daisley noticed a unique piece of jewelry being worn by the subject so he questioned the suspect and obtained a statement regarding how he obtained the distinctive item.  Officer Daisley investigated further utilizing law enforcement databases and was able to prove that the jewelry was stolen from a recent home invasion out of the Township of Bloomfield Hills.  Novi Detectives were able to obtain a three count warrant for the subject as a result of Officer Daisley’s thorough investigation.  Because of the suspect’s lengthy felony criminal history, he is being charged as a habitual 4th offender.

Thanks to Officer Daisley’s keen instinct, acute perception, and comprehensive follow-up a stolen license plate and DWLS arrest ultimately removed a violent offender from our streets.  The driver is now facing a maximum sentence of life in prison




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