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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


December 2015 - Officer Paul Leslie

Officer Paul Leslie
Officer Paul Leslie

The Novi Public Safety Administration would like to extend their appreciation and congratulations to Officer Paul Leslie on his nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month – December 2015.  Officer Leslie was nominated by both Sergeant Fanning and Officer Bidus and overwhelmingly selected by the Implementation Committee for his lifesaving, valiant efforts saving someone from a burning vehicle.

On Friday December 4th at approximately 3:40 p.m., Officer Leslie responded to a PIA on M-5 northbound, north of Thirteen Mile Road. Upon arrival, he discovered a Dodge Charger had been driven off the road and was on fire where it had come to a halt in a ravine.  As Officer Leslie was advancing toward the car he simultaneously notified dispatch that the vehicle was burning and had at least one occupant trapped inside.  Without hesitation Officer Leslie approached the flaming vehicle and without regard for his personal safety, he tried opening the driver’s side door to free the victim.  Although the flames from the fire continued to grow, Officer Leslie continued to fight to get the door open.  Eventually he was able to pry the door open, enter the vehicle, and unbuckle the driver.  Officer Leslie grabbed the driver under the arms and pulled him from the car, and up the embankment.  You managed to drag the driver a safe distance away from the burning car. Upon examination of the driver, Officer Leslie discovered the driver had accidentally shot himself in the leg while driving which caused him to veer off the road.  

One of the paramedics who transported the victim to the hospital called dispatch later in the evening and reported that the driver surely would have died if not for Officer Leslie’s heroic actions. The interior of the passenger compartment had burned and would have been filled with choking fumes and smoke. The driver also may have yielded to his accidental gunshot wound. A witness to the accident also reported that Officer Leslie’s actions were heroic and likely saved the life of the male trapped inside.

As of December 8, the victim was still at Botsford Hospital, recuperating from his wounds, however thanks to Officer Leslie’s gallant, selfless, efforts, he survived both his gunshot wound and his circumstances of being trapped in a burning car.




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