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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


October 2015 - Dispatch Shift Leader Janet Kaplan

Dispatch Shift Leader Janet Kaplan
Dispatch Shift Leader Janet Kaplan

The Novi Public Safety Administration would like to extend their appreciation and congratulations to Dispatch Shift Leader Janet Kaplan on her nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the month, October 2015.  Dispatch Shift Leader Kaplan was overwhelmingly selected by the Implementation Committee for her persistence and diligence obtaining the identity and home address of an autistic juvenile who was unable to communicate with officers.      

Janet was nominated by Sergeant Mark Boody for the proficiency and fortitude she displayed on October 20th.  At 9:53 p.m., a resident called 911 stating that he had discovered a juvenile male upstairs in his home.  It quickly became evident that this youth was severely autistic and was unable to communicate with the homeowner or the responding officers.  The boy was only capable of echoing the questions he was asked, he was unable to tell the officers where he lived or what his name was. 

Immediately Dispatch Shift Leader Kaplan queried various databases, narrowing the search by including the key word “autism.”  Her inquiry successfully produced a dozen reports which she examined one by one.  Eventually Janet’s persistence paid off and she was able to find a police report in which the physical description of the lost male matched the description of a child from an incident last year.  After a few follow up calls, it was determined that this was the same youth and the officers were able to safely return the boy to his parents.      

Dispatch Shift Leader Kaplan’s professionalism, thoroughness, and perseverance resulted in the autistic child being reunited with his family unharmed.  Because of her efforts it is with great pride that we join the other members of the Novi Public Safety Team, and the Novi Community in recognizing Janet’s outstanding work.




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