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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


December 2014 - Fire Marshal Joe Shelton

Fire Marshal Joe Shelton
Fire Marshal Joe Shelton

We wish to extend our appreciation and congratulations to Fire Marshal Joe Shelton on his nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the month, December 2014.  Fire Marshal Shelton was nominated by Fire Protection Officer Peter Breuhan and selected by the Implementation Committee for his consistently outstanding work on behalf of the Novi Fire Department.    

As Fire Marshal, Joe has been utilizing Firefighter Peter Breuhan since his recent injury placed him on light duty.  During the past several weeks, working side by side with Firefighter Breuhan, he has observed and recognized Fire Marshal Shelton’s hard work and diligence on the job.  Peter stated “Fire Marshal Shelton’s phone rings off the hook all day long and I have listened to his excellent skills dealing with the general public.  Fire Marshal Shelton has a natural ability to educate people and explain complicated issues in a simplistic, easy to understand way.”  

Firefighter Breuhan stated that he looks to Fire Marshal Shelton as an individual he would like to model himself after.  He continued by saying “Fire Marshal Shelton has a great attitude, tremendous communication skills, extreme dedication to his work, and excellent knowledge of his job.”  Fire Marshal Shelton is are making a positive impression on the future generation of Novi firefighters; leading by example and making the biggest impact on those we mentor and supervise.  Fire Marshal Shelton is helping to equip our upcoming leaders with the necessary dedication, communication skills, and work ethic required to become successful firefighters.  It is with great pride that the members of the Novi Public Safety Team, and the Novi Community in recognizing the outstanding work of Fire Marshal Joe Shelton.




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