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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


April 2014 - Officer Alisa Brown

Officer Alisa Brown
Officer Alisa Brown

Dispatcher Karen Assaf was  nominated by Officer  Alisa Brown and unanimously selected by the Implementation Committee as Public Safety Employee of the Month for April, 2014 for her outstanding work on a 911 call which resulted in a suicidal person being located and  given the necessary medical treatment.

On April 15, 2014, the dispatch center received two 911 hang  up calls from the same telephone number. During the second call, Dispatcher Assaf heard what  sounded like a female crying into the phone. Concerned for the person she heard crying on the line, Dispatcher Assaf actively used available technology to identify  and locate the coordinates of the phone used to make the calls.  GPS showed the call had originated from the Oakland Hills Cemetery, which is where she directed the responding officers.  Utilizing CLEMIS and upon  further investigation while the officers were en route to the cemetery, she learned that the name and  address associated with the cell phone number were registered  to a female from Farmington Hills. In addition, Dispatcher Assaf learned that the female had recently attempted suicide.

Within minutes of disseminating  the information she had gathered and provided to the responding officers, the female was located in the Oakland Hills Cemetery by Sergeant Mark Boody.  The female was found lying on the freezing ground near her grandfather's grave  site. She was distraught  and suicidal.  Ultimately, the decision  was made to commit the woman for medical treatment.

Dispatcher Assaf’s follow-up, persistence, and  diligence to help a distraught  citizen resulted in a suicidal person receiving necessary medical treatment, and in all likelihood  prevented a possible death from occurring. Her conscientious effort and  attention to duty serves as an example to all of us and is a benefit to our citizens. It is with great  pride that Director David E. Molloy  joins the other members of the Novi Public Safety Team, and the Novi community in recognizing her outstanding work.




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