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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


January 2014 - Detective Balog

Detective Balog
Detective Balog

Detective Balog, was nominated by Officer Bigliardi for the Public Safety Employee of the month for his outstanding work during the homicide investigation on January 14, 2014. His nomination was presented to the Implementation Committee where he was overwhelmingly selected for this honor. Director of Public Safety / Chief of Police David E. Molloy stated “I wish to take this opportunity to extend my personal appreciation and congratulations to Detective Balog and thank him for his excellent work.”

Detective Balog was one of several officers dispatched on an A.E.D. run to an address on West Glen Haven. This incident turned out not to be the reported A.E.D. run but the crime scene of a recent murder of an elderly Novi resident. Immediately, Detective Balog began an area search for possible witnesses and/or evidence. As a keen and seasoned officer, he observed a subject in the area acting in a manner that you determined to be apprehensive. Detective Balog’s reservations were based upon his experience, skills and training as a police officer. Detective Balog began to question him about his identity and whereabouts. Based upon his initial observations and the information discovered through a brief discussion with the individual, Detective Balog alerted the supervisors and detectives on scene of his suspicions.

Due to his initial police instincts combined with a follow-up conversation with the individual, Detectives were interviewing him within one hour of the original dispatch call. The individual was later arrested for the homicide and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office issued a 1st Degree Homicide and Felony Murder warrant for the suspect. Unfortunately, this suspect was living in our community even though he had been previously charged with another murder. Because of Detective Balog’s quick actions a dangerous criminal has been removed from the streets of Novi.

This incident is indicative of the skills and abilities Detective Balog display’s daily. His diligent work serves to benefit not only the Police Department but the citizens of our community. It is with great pride that we recognize Detective Balog’s outstanding work.




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