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Police and Fire Youth Leadership Academy

Pic-Police Youth Academy 2021The Novi Youth Police & Fire Leadership Academy was created to provide area teens with an inside look at local law enforcement and fire prevention careers, while challenging and preparing them to become citizen-leaders in their community.

What are the details?

  • The Academy will be held July 12-16, 2021 (Monday-Friday)
  • 10AM to 4PM daily (except Monday, 7/12 which will begin at 9AM).

Where is the Academy taking place?

  • The program will primarily be conducted at the Novi Police Department Training Center, located at 45125 Ten Mile Rd. One day will be spent at the Walled Lake Outdoors Educational Center, and another day will be spent at the Fire Department Training Center (corner of Ten Mile and Wixom).

Will participants need to bring anything?

  • Each student will be provided with a dry-fit t-shirt, matching shorts, water bottle, and sling bag to carry their gear in for the week. They will be asked (and expected) to wear the provided “uniform” for the week.
  • Participants should wear sturdy athletic style footwear each day. No flip-flops or sandals.
  • Students should pack a lunch each day.
  • All participants will also be required to bring a great attitude, lots of enthusiasm, plenty of questions, a strong desire to learn new things, willingness to contribute in a team environment, and the ability to have lots of fun and plenty of laughs.
Police Youth Academy Training
Police & Fire Youth Leadership Academy Training

What are the goals of the program?

During this program, Novi’s Public Safety staff will educate participants on a variety of subjects pertaining to law enforcement and fire safety and prevention. Each Novi Youth Police & Fire Leadership Academy graduate will gain a deeper knowledge of how Public Safety fits into the Novi Community, while being motivated in a team driven environment aimed at developing leadership qualities.

The core objectives of the Novi Police & Fire Youth Leadership Academy are to:

  1. Increase understanding through education and interaction with the Police and Fire Departments.
  2. Provide positive interaction with Department staff and to educate youth about the challenges and responsibility of law enforcement and fire prevention.
  3. Create and develop responsible, well-informed youth citizens and future leaders.
  4. Build lasting and productive partnerships between Novi Public Safety and the community members we serve.
  5. Establish lasting bonds of friendship with squad-mates and other Academy participants.

What is the program format?

Physical Activity
  1. Physical Activity - Each day will include some basic physical fitness (callisthenic-style exercise), as well as activities that are aimed at keeping the students moving throughout the day, just like police and fire professionals do during their shift.
  2. Team-Building Challenges -Activities that will reflect the nature of Public Safety work, which relies heavily on the team approach, will be presented throughout the week. These challenges will contain both physical and mental elements, as well as a healthy dose of communication among the squads. We will even spend an entire day at the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center to participate in their Adventure Challenge Programs. This program involves all sorts of adventurous team-related events, including climbing, ropes course, zip-lining, etc.
  3. Police Youth Academy ClassClassroom Learning - Students will be taught by experts from the police and fire protection professions with a mix of lecture style and hands-on demonstration style learning. Topics include:
  • Patrol operations
  • Use of force
  • K-9
  • Traffic laws
  • Traffic stops
  • Judicial system
  • Digital forensics
  • Aviation
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Fire Department operations
  • Confined spaces rescue
  • CPR
  • Home fire/emergency safety
  • Jaws of life

Qualifications and Application Process

The Novi Youth Police & Fire Leadership Academy is intended for students who possess an interest in police and/or fire protection sciences.

The class size will not exceed 30 students. It could be fewer. Therefore, applicants must meet the following qualifications, as well as demonstrate they are highly motivated to learn about these fields and participate in what this camp offers. Please do not apply for the program for child care, or scholarship community involvement requirement purposes.

The program, requirements, and application process are different than prior years. So please carefully consider the following criteria and instructions.

Who is eligible to apply for the Academy?

  • Novi residents or students who attend a school in the City of Novi (priority will be given to Novi residents).
  • Youth 13-16 years of age at the time of the academy.
  • Teens interested in, and enthused about, Public Safety professions

How can we apply for the Academy?

  • Students, along with a parent or guardian, should click here for the application form
  • Each student should prepare and attach an essay with their application (see below instructions).
  • Arrange for a letter of recommendation, from a school official, to be emailed prior to the close of the registration period (see below instructions).

When is the application period?

  • Student applications will be taken between April 1 and May 31, 2021.
  • Early or late applications will not be received.
  • Applicants who do not include an essay with their application or have their letter of recommendation received by May 31, 2021 will not be considered further.

What happens next?

  • Completed applications with included essay and letter of recommendation, received by May 31st, will be presented to the selection committee.
  • Selected applicants will be notified by June 7, 2021 to confirm their participation in the program.
  • Selected applicants will need a waiver form signed and returned by their parent or guardian in order to finalize their participation.
  • An academy orientation will be scheduled for the week prior (Thursday July 8, 2021 at 6:30PM).
  • Selected students and a parent or guardian must attend this information meeting.

Essay Instructions

In order to determine the interest level and enthusiasm of perspective students for the Novi Youth Police & Fire Leadership Academy, interested students should submit a self-composed essay with their application.

  • Essays should be neatly hand written, or typed (preferably), and included as an attachment with the on-line application (PDF or Word .doc formats only).
  • Essays must be a minimum of 400 words.
  • Hint—A well written essay will address: (1) why the student is passionate about attending the Academy; (2) what unique qualities the student can offer to their team of peers if selected for the Academy; and (3) what sort of leadership skills the student hopes to learn and take back to their community (i.e. school, neighborhood, family, etc.) after completing the Academy.

Letter of Recommendation Instructions

Applicants will need to arrange a letter of recommendation on their behalf, describing why they would be a positive addition to the Academy.

  • Letters should be from a school official (i.e. teacher, counselor, or administrator). Homeschooled applicants may feel free to use another community leader, such as a youth pastor, city official, etc.
  • Letters can be in email form, but must be from the official domain reflecting the school, church, or civic organization that the author is with (such as, or Please, no personal email accounts.
  • All letters must be received by the end of the day on May 31, 2021.
  • Letters can be emailed to Detective Jon Zabick
If you have additional questions, please contact either:

Detective Jon Zabick
248-449-1537 or Email
Detective Julie Warren
248-449-1606 or Email

2021 Novi Police & Fire Youth Leadership Academy Application

( ) -
( ) -
( ) -
( ) -

Please note any medical information pertaining to this participant (i.e. medications required, allergies)

In case of an emergency, the following person may be contacted if parent of guardian is not available:

( ) -

Please submit your essay.


Guardian Consent and Release - read before signing

As the parent or legal guardian of above named participant, I give my permission for him/her to attend the 2021 Youth Police & Fire Leadership Academy on July 12 - 16, 2021. I grant permission for my child to participate in all activities scheduled. Event sponsors and volunteers are authorized to obtain whatever medical attention is required in the event of an injury to this child. I have listed all pertinent medical information relating to this child. I understand that applications are subject to a criminal history check along with a CLEMIS (a county wide computer check of police contacts). The purpose of this background check is to ensure the topics taught in this course will not be used for future criminal activity. The City of Novi, Novi Police & Fire Departments, Novi Community School District, Walled Lake School District, Northville Public Schools, South Lyon Schools, Catholic Central, Mercy, its board members, officers, directors, agents, volunteers, employees and sponsors, either voluntary or employed, assume no responsibility whatever for any injury suffered to this child in the course of the event. I hereby release, exonerate and discharge the aforementioned parties, its board members, officers, directors, agents, volunteers, employees and sponsors, either voluntary or employed, from any and all liability, actions, of causes of action for any injuries suffered by this child while participating in this event.

By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above Consent and Release
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