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Fire Services

Emergency Medical Services
Fire Suppression
Miscellaneous Types of Assistance

Emergency Medical Services

Firefighter respond to an emergency.The Novi Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the citizens through a multi-layered system.

First response to all medical emergencies is the responsibility of the Fire Department. When the dispatch center determines a call to be cardiac in nature, the Novi Police Department also responds. All police and fire vehicles carry Automatic External Defibrillators (AED). Novi Firefighters will stabilize patients and provide continuing care until the paramedics of Superior Ambulance arrive. Transportation to the most appropriate medical facility is done by Superior Ambulance which provides two ambulances, by contract, for the City of Novi. In cases of multiple patients or impassable weather conditions, the Novi Fire Department has three state-licensed Basic Life Support (BLS) transporting vehicles.

Every firefighter in the State of Michigan must be trained to a level of Medical First Responder (MFR). This state certification culminates 120 hours of training. Many communities, including Novi, train their firefighters to the next highest level of state certification. Basic Emergency Medical Technician (BEMT) is attained after 320 hours of lecture and 40 hours of clinical training. Other communities provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) with Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMT) certified after 1200 hours of training.


Fire Suppression

House FireThe Novi Fire Department responds to many different types of fire emergencies and hazardous incidents. These include:

  • Automatic fire alarms
  • Smoke & odor investigations
  • Smoke detector activations
  • Trash, brush & grass fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Garage & outbuilding fires
  • Structure fires
Firefighters putting out fire. Firefighters putting out fire.

Miscellaneous Types of Assistance

Traditionally, many citizens rely upon the Fire Department for other types of assistance. These types of runs vary widely. To name a few:

  • A pet stuck under a backyard deck
  • A baby with their arm caught in a high chair
  • A person drove on top of a rock and couldn’t move the car
  • A ring stuck on a finger
  • A hand caught in a garbage disposal
  • Baby ducks stuck in a manhole
  • A finger “crazy glued” to an eyelid
  • The odor of something unusual

Novi Firefighters perform patient assessment and extrication.
Novi Firefighters perform patient assessment and extrication
at an automobile accident on 10 Mile.