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Campus Fire Safety

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It’s about that time in Michigan.

That time when we hear distant loudspeakers barking hometown football scores.

That time when school buses filled with giggling youngsters adorned by brand new backpacks follow their preplanned routes to school.

That time when vivid green foliage dissolves into a washed-out yellow canvas.

That time when college freshman begin an exciting new phase of adulthood.

College StudentsThat time when mom and dad realize there is one less car in the driveway, more food in the refrigerator and Friday nights are less hectic.

That time when returning college students anxiously discover their new rooms in off-campus Greek housing.

Mom and dad, there’s one last thing to remind students leaving home.

It’s that time for college students to insure their own safety and security.

It’s that time to act responsibly and promote an independent, fire-safe living environment.

It’s that time.

New and returning college students should evaluate their new living quarters not only for personal security but safety also. Soon many will be sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings.

Is there a working smoke detector? Change the battery or install a new one. Press the test button and check the audible signal. Light a household match and insure the ability of the detector to detect smoke.

Once a student has found they are protected by a working smoke detector, they should decide how to act if the detector should ever sound!

What is the primary escape route? Where is the secondary path of egress? If on the second floor, is there an alternate stairway? Is there a window to escape to a lower roof?

After deciding that escape is necessary will a new student remember where the room exit door is located? Will that student remember which way to the stairwell-in the dark, in smoke and from a sound sleep? Will the student remember to feel the door for heat before exiting?

As parents, relatives and friends of new and returning college students we must all remember to ask students if they know how to act in a fire and are they protected by a working smoke detector.

Again this year Michigan along with 19 other states recognizes September as Campus Fire Safety Month.

Over the past few years 113 students have died in campus housing fires. In 2006 alone, 20 students died in fires at college housing.

On campus, off campus and Greek housing are used by 17,000,000 students nationally.

Remind yours to be fire-safe.

It’s that time!


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