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Rotary Park

Rotary Park Playground
New playground installed summer 2013


22220 Roethel Drive Novi, MI 48375

Park Shelter Reservations Available: Yes


Rotary Park was developed through donations from the Rotary Club and a Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant. This park is made up of woodlands, wetlands, and a portion of the Middle Rouge River with nature trails throughout the park. Community members reserve the picnic facilities at Rotary Park to hold their family reunions, birthday parties and more.  The park is also a popular destination to play tennis.


Open Greenspace
Nature Trails
Picnic Shelter

Restrooms    Seasonally Available May 1 - November 1

Non-Native Invasive Species Removal

In a cooperative effort by PRCS, Parks Maintenance, Forestry and Community Development staff, removal of the non-native invasive species buckthorn took place at Rotary Park in March 2016. The non-native species first appeared in 1949. Buckthorn is invasive in that it sprouts leaves earlier and sheds them later than most native plants, reducing surrounding ground vegetation. The non-native invasive displaces other plant species as the seeds are spread by birds. Buckthorn also changes the chemistry in the soil, increasing nitrogen content that’s good for buckthorn and bad for other plant species.

Rotary Park Trail Entry Before and After
Trail Entry Before and After

Rotary Park Path at Wetlands Before and After
Rotary Park Path at Wetlands Before and After