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Novi Studio VI
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Artists In Residence

Bosque Urban
Bosque Urban is a representation of the trees and how they grow and fall in different directions, casting dynamic shadows and creating filtered light patterns across the pathways.

Villa Barr Fall 2019

Jeff Zischke

When Jeff was visiting Michigan from Arizona in 2018, he discovered the Villa Barr Art Park and learned that there was an artist-in-residency program for which he later applied. Jeff was in residence at Villa Barr August and September of 2019. During his stay he took daily nature hikes including many at Maybury State Park where he found the inspiration for “Bosque Urban,” the piece he installed at Villa Barr.


Villa Barr Fall 2018

Joo Won Park

I am a music composer living in Novi, MI, and the Villa Barr residency gave me a chance to look into my home town's natural environment through an artist's mind and view. The piece I wrote during the residency uses sounds I recorded around Villa Barr during the October and November of 2018. It is a collage of sounds often heard in the park and the Novi area. The electronic melodies heard in harmony with the nature sounds are inspired by the sculptures of David Barr. They are, for me, a uniquely-human contribution to the nature that makes the visitors rethink about the place and the time.  Mr. Park has recorded solo and collaborative albums , has lectured across the US and in Korea, and has received numerous awards.  He holds a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Florida and is currently an assistant professor at Wayne State University. 


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Patty Smith

triptych by Patty Smith
Center of the soul is a thoughtful pause for contemplation of passage and transmigration.

My experience at Villa Barr was both profound and enriching. Having dedicated, focused work time combined with a studio/living space was invaluable. The body of artwork that I made at my residency was a culmination of responses to the geography and geology of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron. Textures, terrain, the element of cause and effect, and a sense of place were all influences in my work. Abstracted physical environments became personal a metaphor for loss and transformation. The sculptures and wall pieces were constructed with forged and formed copper elements combined with stone graphite, and wood. During the residency, I began experimenting with encaustic wax paint. Encaustic wax is a medium that I had long wanted to incorporate into my metalwork. I believe that the physical environment of Villa Barr- the house, studios, surroundings, and influence of David Barr were all essential factors in my growth as an artist during my residency.

Summer 2018

Kaz McCue

Ag dul Abhaile
As a part of the Irish diaspora, the boat form is an important symbol of migration within my own artistic methodology. Made from recycled materials, this sculpture is displayed as an artifact which is symbolic of my own migration through life and culture.

Kaz McCue was the very first artist-in-residence at Villa Barr Art Park. He not only spent time working on his piece, Ag dul Abhaile, but he took time to help organize and go through much of David Barr’s home and studio. 

Kaz drew inspiration for Ag Dul Abhaile from an old Celtic sculpture of a boat. Boating is something that has always captured his imagination. Growing up in Leelanau County on the Manitou Passage there is a rich history of boating through shipping, voyager canoes, & Native American migration. Boating also connects back to his family’s cultural history, they were brought to America on boats from Ireland as skilled laborers. Kaz really enjoyed being able to connect his interested in boating, cultural history, use of found materials and storytelling to create Ag Dul Abhaile.