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Emergency Preparedness

Warming / Cooling Centers

The City of Novi has designated three Warming / Cooling Centers that may be utilized during extreme cold and heat conditions. The locations, hours and contact information is listed below.

Meadowbrook Commons: 25075 Meadowbrook Rd, Novi, MI 48375 - Phone 248-347-0414
Hours: M-F  8am-5pm

Novi Public Library: 45255 W. Ten Mile, Novi, MI 48375 - Phone248-349-0720
Hours: M-Th 10am-9pm,  Fri-Sat 10am-6pm,  Sun 12pm-6pm

Novi Civic Center: 45175 Ten Mile Rd., Novi, MI 48375 - 248-347-0400
Hours: 8am-5pm

 Don't Let a Disaster Catch You By Surprise
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Siren Test Dates
The sirens are tested the first Saturday of each month at 1pm.  Siren tests are NOT conducted during December, January or February due to winter weather.

The City of Novi has initiated an
Emergency Hotline at 248-735-5680
The phone line will be used only during an emergency and will keep community members apprised of any pertinent information.


Emergency Preparedness Calendar Emergency Preparedness Calendar (a month by month to Health and Safety for Community Members)

 Emergency Relief Centers Map

 Emergency Management Program (7/07)

H1N1 Guide H1N1 Preparedness Guide for Small Business

Visit for more information.

 Heat Related Preparedness and Precautions

Visit the Oakland County Homeland Security website for more heat related preparedness information.

Winter Weather Preparedness



Department of Homeland Security

Oakland County Health Division


Learn about the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and other Emergency Preparedness information in this section of our website.  Some history of the multi-state blackout of 2003 can be found below as well as other helpful emergency preparedness links. 

History of Multi-State Black Out

On August 14, 2003, neighborhoods and community members rallied together with City staff in a most unprecedented crisis to ensure the health and safety of the community during a multi-state power blackout. 

Positive feedback received on three measures – protecting life and property, comparison to other communities, and appreciation by residents – affirmed that the City of Novi performed admirably during the crisis.  More than 25,000 bottles of water were distributed to Novi residents through three comfort stations established in partnership with the Novi Community Schools.  Flyers were distributed door-to-door, television updates broadcast regularly, and public services maintained.  Yet, the City of Novi did need to improve its operations from lessons learned during the 2003 Blackout. 

In the days that followed the blackout, City of Novi staff met to critique the operations and look at ways to improve emergency response during any situation.  Teams were assigned to look at Novi’s power supply, communications, and comfort stations. 

During the blackout, it was noted that the City facilities were dependent upon electricity and had limited back-up power capabilities.  Some facilities, such as the Novi Civic Center, had no back-up system in place. In September 2003, with the approval of the Novi City Council, a study was initiated to determine what back-up power was needed and where. 

Following discussions of the report findings, in December 2003 the Novi City Council approved the design and installation of nearly $300,000 in emergency electrical generators.

As of today, the City of Novi has completed upgrades to its emergency electrical back-up resources, and diesel generators now ensure continued operations at the Novi Civic Center, public safety facilities, Public Works facilities, and Meadowbrook Commons Senior Center.

Another vital component of emergency preparedness and response is communications.  With the loss of electricity and a large portion of the telephone network during the blackout, communication efforts were more difficult.  In the last several months, City staff has worked with homeowner leaders to assist with neighborhood emergency communication plans.  During the blackout, flyers were distributed to homeowner leaders for dissemination door-to-door – an effort that proved effective in many neighborhoods, but could be improved upon in many others.  The City of Novi has suggested that neighborhoods designate a common spot or area (tree, clubhouse, entrance sign, etc.) where all neighborhood members know to check for important messages to be posted during an emergency. 

Additionally, the City of Novi has initiated an Emergency Hotline at 248-735-5680.  The phone line will be used only during an emergency and will keep community members apprised of any pertinent information.  The number is being published on all community newsletters and the annual calendar, as well as Cable Channel 13 and the City’s website.

The Emergency Hotline will also be used as a method of communicating with volunteer members of the newly established Volunteer Comfort Station Committee.  The City of Novi has implemented the Committee to assist staff members at five designated Comfort Stations throughout the community. 

Shortly after the blackout, City staff contacted the Novi Community and Walled Lake Consolidated School systems to look at utilizing school facilities during an emergency.  The facilities are now pre-identified and known for their capabilities, location, and size, and can provide a place of shelter for community members during an emergency.  Comfort Stations have been designated at the Novi Civic Center, Novi Middle School, Village Oaks Elementary, Walled Lake Middle School and Meadowbrook Elementary.  Comfort Station Committee members would pass out bottled water, provide relief, and assist fellow community members in a time of need.  The stations would be opened at the discretion of the City of Novi as warranted by the nature of the emergency.

These measures enhance the City of Novi’s emergency preparedness efforts and further provide for the health and safety of community members. The City of Novi continues to participate in mock disaster exercises with a variety of community partners and completes annual emergency preparedness exercises with City staff.